Friday, December 4, 2009

Gilbert named safest community in Arizona

Gilbert was named the safest municipality in Arizona in an annual national report released in November. The report found Gilbert to be 24th safest community in entire United States.

  • The study analyzes rates and trends for total crime among cities of 75,000 or larger populations.
  • Gilbert recently surpassed 220,000 population mark, and has long been known for maintaining its safe, family-friendly environment.

    In this year’s annual Heads of Households Survey, 97 percent of residents expressed satisfactions with the Town of Gilbert.

    The most common reasons cited were:
  • the Town’s small-town atmosphere
  • family-friendly focus
  • clean and safe neighborhoods
  • friendly people
  • good retail options
  • good public schools
  • good parks and recreation programs.

    Residents this year also engaged at high rate in block parties, which give neighbors a chance to get to know each other and plan a block watch program that can help keep communities safe.

    Source: Your Town Magazine, Vol.13. Nov12, December 3, 2009

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