Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Maricopa, Foreclosed Homes...I have not seen that one yet

I have not seen that one yet.....Maricopa, Foreclosed Homes

I visit many homes after Trustee Sale with interested Buyers and wonder at what I might find indoors when I put the key into the lock. The last foreclosed home I toured had exceeded my expectation and imagination. I have seen a lot properties with missing:

1. Appliances such as stoves, built-in microwaves, dishwashers, etc.
2. Flooring tiles, parts of carpet
3. Kitchen Islands (ripped off from the middle of the kitchen)
4. Cabinets and counter tops
5. Light fixtures and ceiling fans, doors and hardware
6. Toilets, bath tubs and sinks
7. Furnaces and air conditioning units (A/C units are very popular)
8. Landscaping- trees, shrubs, bushes, bricks

When homeowners do leave their property, they do not always simply "walk away." Do they?

So, after a while I got used to it. Just warned my buyers what they can expect inside foreclosed properties.

What was done to home I went to recently in Maricopa, AZ just shocked me.

The homeowner must have been so furious and ready to take on the structure he lived in for at least few years. Inside the house we discovered purred CONCRETE into the toilet and bath drainage!!!! What a courage... to get the material and pay for it, invest a time and effort to prepare the mixture and fill in the drainage! GOAL achieved! The foundation must be ripped off and the entire drain pipes replaced. House do not qualify as livable (at least not up to FHA standardsJ)

Homeowner was probably having a bad day.

Some misguided home owners, angry at the bank for foreclosing, think it's somehow permissible to turn the home into a total nightmare. It is ILLEGAL. Banks are most likely to pursue and prosecute homeowners who vandalize or strip their homes while in foreclosure.

But does it really happen? Personally, I have not heard of any legal action against homeowner who stripped or demolish his house while in foreclosure.

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