Monday, September 7, 2009

Rudeness or Courtesy? YOU PICK!

Rudeness or Courtesy? YOU PICK!
We are in hot buyers market again! You could tell, when you pull out with your clients at the property that has been listed for half a day and there are at least 3 realtor cars on the driveway already. How fun! Now, you wait in a air-conditioned car, or under the tree, or somewhere in shade until the people who are currently IN THE HOUSE are done viewing. It is called: COURTESY.
Realtor- TO- Realtor: have some etiquette and let everyone in a peace finish showing. Then you go in with your clients. If you do not wait, just decide to walk in any way it is called: RUDENESS and lack of respect. And your clients see that too (for sure!), because they do not want be interrupted when viewing the house themselves. I think good manners 101 in short lesson will help to refresh our good conduct of business.

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